News | August 4, 2012

PixelCrayons Launches Document Management Solutions

PixelCrayons, a one of the leading Web designing and development company, has launcheddocument management solutions (DMS). Of late, the company launched many such new releases targeting B2B & B2C portals, social networking websites, online storefronts and more. Please visit to know all about PixelCrayons’ new releases. It is obvious that the company is envisioning to attain something more, which obviously includes reaching out to more clients.

“We are certainly looking to carve a special niche for us in the untargeted markets as well, and are very enthusiastic about meeting new clients, exceeding their expectations and retaining them for all time,” said Mr. Pravesh Aggarwal, who’s leading PixelCrayons since its inception in 2004. “Our target market this time around would be more or less the same what it has always been. We’re just getting more specific about what clients want and are attempting to giving them exactly the same.”

The new release of PixelCrayons – ie document management solutions – is targeted for businesses for which management is a big fret, aiming at streamlining their workflow and operations. The company’s DMS features: fast search, reliable backup, data encryption and everything else that makes handling documents easy for its customers.

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SOURCE: PixelCrayons