Q&A | May 29, 2014

POS VARs: Are You Smarter Than Your SMB Customers?

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By Bernadette Wilson, associate editor, Business Solutions magazine
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POS VARs And SMB Customers

The average SMB customer in the market for a point of sale (POS) system fits a different description than customers in that category a few years ago. Rod Hometh, senior VP of market development for Ingenico, says, in the past, your SMB customers adopted “trickle-down technology,” tried and proven by larger enterprises. “But a lot of powerful forces are impacting adoption now,” Hometh comments. He lists three characteristics of a “new” SMB client that will help VARs deal intelligently with them:

SMBs Have Heightened Awareness Of Security And EMV. SMBs are paying close attention to the importance of encrypted transactions and PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards as they relate to security. The cyberattack that led to Target’s highly publicized data breach has served as a wake-up call, and as SMBs prepare to take measures to strengthen security — like move to devices enabled for EMV (a global standard for interoperable, secure payments) — VARs have to be ready for that transition.

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