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Annual Guide To POS & Payment Processing

Welcome to the 2011 Annual Guide to POS & Payment Processing! Chances are, your business has seen many trends over the last year, such as the buzz around mobility. Only time will tell what this trend, as well as others, will mean to you and your customers. I don't think this is something that's going to put you out of business, but it's a great example of how quickly things are changing and how you need to be well-informed to avoid making mistakes. For other great examples of how quickly things are changing, the majority of editorial in this guide highlights the most significant trends in today's world of POS and Payment Processing.


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Company Profiles


It’s your golden opportunity — and your silver and bronze, too. Now you can sell Panasonic POS and become a part of our success story. It’s so easy with our new dealer program — giving you the best possible tools to sell and support Panasonic point of sale and drive-thru products.
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Comprehensive POS Solutions From HP — The Point-of-Sale channel is undergoing dramatic transformation and each new technological breakthrough brings a maze of new choices. There are so many new advances in fact, that finding the right solution can be more than a little confusing. That’s why BlueStar, a leading global distributor of Point-of-Sales solutions, is pleased to offer a comprehensive range of Hewlett-Packard products customized for specific channels in the POS market.
Retail Mobile Bar Codes — A More Personal Customer Connection With A Big Payoff — Over five billion mobile phones are in service around the world. That number represents over 70 percent of the world’s population, making it the most common personal consumer device on the planet. It is the one device that virtually everyone, of just about every age, carries, all of the time. These mobile users are always looking for new ways that their mobile device can make their lives easier. And one of the many technologies they are embracing is the mobile bar code.
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Hardware/Cash Drawers

Durable And Dependable Design, Proven Track Record INSTALL IT. FORGET IT.
  • The brand trusted by more solutions providers than any other cash drawer.
  • Best cash drawer warranties in the industry. Lifetime Limited Warranty for the Series 4000 Cash Drawer.
  • Installed in more convenience stores, fast food locations, and gas stations than any other drawer manufacturer.
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CHERRY — With the industry’s best products, services, and support, CHERRY provides the most advanced POS keyboard solutions available. From our highly compact MPOS Series to the proven SPOS and full-sized LPOS Series, we have the perfect keyboard for your point of service application!
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Hardware/POS Systems

Since 1987, the Restaurant Manager POS System has made life easier for restaurateurs with solutions that meet the needs of every dining establishment, from four-star table service restaurants to bars, clubs, QSRs, and pizza delivery. Our focus is on solving real business problems to boost your bottom line and help reduce costs through innovative capabilities.
Founded in 1981, Fametech Inc. has more than 20 years experience in the POS and auto-ID industry. Our business involves manufacturing POS terminals, thermal printers, bar code scanners, and most of the POS peripherals you need for business operation. The company features a one-stop solution that covers a wide range of POS products and provides professional ODM/OEM services. We are able to modify our current products to fit specific standards and accept self-labeling.

Receipt Printer Brochure

Zenis POS: Featured POS Terminal Of The Year
Harbortouch’s free POS system program adds a powerful new tool to your sales arsenal. It is the perfect solution for merchants that aren’t approved for financing or simply can’t afford your primary offering. Wouldn’t you rather earn a commission and build a residual revenue stream off these merchants instead of walking away from business?
LAVA is your source for POS ports. We specialize in serial port integration and serial connectivity solutions and have more than 60 products to suit almost every need. Our serial and parallel expansion boards for PCI, PCIe, and ISA are famous for being simple, configurable, and reliable. Our new USB-Serial Links are the best interfaces available, implementing all serial lines in rugged enclosures.
Established in 1979, Zonal designs and manufactures its own hardware and software and offers a complete range of solutions designed for the hospitality market. Zonal’s POS solutions are functionality rich and are offered for the front of the house, back office, and enterprise applications. Zonal products are an excellent choice for both independent operators and multi-unit companies.
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Hardware/Receipt Printers

CognitiveTPG has a comprehensive line of printing products and supplies to meet your customer’s POS needs. Known for their durability, small footprint, and ease of operation, the A799 POS printers offer a combination of features and high-performance reliability suited for the high-volume printing found in retail and hospitality environments. The A799 printer is backed with a 4-year standard warranty. Our A798 POS printers deliver the best value to performance mix with transaction productivity and customer satisfaction.
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Hardware/Touch Screens

The Bergquist Company Touch Screen Division — The Bergquist Company excels in the design and delivery of resistive and projective capacitive touch screens. With optimized and rugged designs, Bergquist can provide a custom touch screen solution for any application. Bergquist offers durable 5-wire resistive, surface capacitive, and projective capacitive touch screens in a number of configurations.
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Hardware Distribution/Gateways

The Right Point Of Sale (POS) System — Choosing the right point of sale (POS) system is an important step in the success or failure of your business. The wrong choice could cost you... not only money, but also valuable time. That’s why RedFin Network proudly distributes a specialized line of POS systems developed by ICG Software, a world leader in POS solutions and systems for an ever-expanding business market, from retail, to hospitality and restaurants, and beyond. These POS systems can be found in over ten languages in over 30 countries.
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Hospitality Software

Focus POS Systems is a Texas-based company with a rich heritage of delivering innovative software technology to the hospitality industry, with thousands of installations since 1990. Our philosophy is simple: create a smart, uncomplicated solution that positions our customers for profitability and competitive advantage. Hospitality is one area that remains our prime focus, thereby assuring our customers the most robust and reliable product for success.
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Integrated Payment Solutions

Dealer-Centric Integrated PaymentsDatacap Systems, Inc. develops and markets PA-DSS compliant electronic payment interfaces for embedded and PC-Based POS Systems. Datacap’s line of Tran™ products have been the evolving industry standard for Integrated Payments for ECRs for over 20 years, and the ePay™ product line supports many point of sale packages and all major card processors. One simple Datacap interface provides point of sale packages the ability to accommodate the credit, debit, and gift card processing needs of any merchant.
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Payment Processing

ATTENTION Payment Processors: Discover® compliance has never been more profitable Now is the perfect time to make sure your customers are enabled with all the new IIN (BIN) ranges on the Discover® network for these reasons:
  • More revenue opportunities - Millions of new cards are now accepted on the Discover network
  • Financial incentives - Discover currently offers financial incentives to qualified payment processors to help offset your reprogramming costs
Protect Cardholder Data And Your Bottom Line
SAFE-T Suite: Secure And Flexible Encryption And Tokenization
— SAFE-T Suite is Elavon’s comprehensive suite of terminal, software, and gateway solutions and services that help secure cardholder data, protect businesses against a breach, and reduce the costs and complexities associated with PCI compliance.  
Global Payments offers credit cards, gift cards, flexible spending, check guarantee, check verification and recovery, electronic check conversion, and terminal management services. Today, the company combines leading edge technology and expertise to offer solutions to meet the commerce needs of both virtual and ‘brick-and-mortar’ merchants.
Merchantware PA-DSS solutions save you money and advanced security technology protects against data breaches.Don’t pay for compliance. Integrate with Merchantware to get out of scope — fast. Merchantware PA-DSS solutions are the easiest and fastest way to achieve, maintain, or possibly eliminate compliance. Our solutions are free to developers and offer advanced security features such as end-to-end encryption, tokenization, and hosted payment solutions.

Inquire today about the Merchantware Payment Suite and The Merchant Warehouse Partner Program
WHY PARTNER WITH MERITUS? Increase your sales by increasing sales opportunities. Meritus Payment Solutions is an innovative global payment solutions provider. Meritus has developed proprietary software and technology to process all types of payments, including credit card, debit card, check, ACH (Automated Clearing House), EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer), and more, through a single-source.
Payment Solutions For Your Merchants
PPI has helped more than 1,500 software companies and their resellers with a broad range of payment solutions. Become a PPI Reseller and you’ll enjoy:
  • Aggressive commissions on merchant account processing
  • Opportunity to earn ongoing residuals with POS software and terminal sales
  • Lucrative sales incentives and special programs  
ProfitStars® Enterprise Payment Solutions
Partnering with ProfitStars to provide safe and secure remote deposit capture and e-check processing makes perfect sense for your business and your clients. ProfitStars has more than 1,100 financial institutions and over 40,000 businesses that represent more than 110,000 locations that count on us for superior payment processing.  
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Payment Processing Gateways

As one of North America’s largest payment processors, Moneris Solutions leverages more than 40 years of experience in providing secure, reliable payment processing services to leading software and business management solutions providers. With a dedicated focus on providing an unparalleled partner experience, Moneris can help you elevate the payment component of your solution,
USA ePay is an ECI (Electronic Commerce International) and retail-certified, realtime credit card processing gateway. Founded by the Goretsky brothers, the company is family-owned and based in Los Angeles, CA. USA ePay has been helping merchants process their credit card and check transactions with speed and security since its establishment in 1998. The gateway currently supports all of the major platforms in the credit card industry, many of the leading check platforms, and works with many of the larger merchant service banks in the U.S. and abroad.

What Is USAePay?

PaySaber Overview
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Recent regulations enacted around patient (HIPAA) and consumer (PCI) privacy lead PrehKeyTec to introduce SecurEntry for our MCI family of keyboards. PrehKeyTec engineers have utilized our advanced, processor-based keyboards to take data security to the next level. Personal data is secured and encrypted before it ever leaves the keyboard for the host.
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POS Hardware & Value-Add Services

Ingenico is the world’s #1 provider of payment solutions, with 3,000 employees strong and more than 15 million terminals deployed in more than 125 countries. Our products and services are used by one-third of the global population. Delivering the latest secure POS payment technologies, transaction management, and security solutions, Ingenico is shaping the future of the payment market. With its new TELIUM series POS devices and innovative value-added services, Ingenico takes retailers and businesses ‘beyond payment’ by transforming a point of sale into a point of service.

Ingenico Payment Terminals

iSC350 Signature Capture Terminal
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POS Systems

PAR has more than 30 years experience in the hospitality and retail business with more than 50,000 installations running its POS systems. Leveraging its rich technology and industry expertise, PAR EverServ® POS terminals, software, and services are redefining the industry with technologically advanced powerful, durable, and flexible solutions.
  • Quick to deploy
  • Easy to maintain
  • Profitable to sell
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Power Protection

Ground Guard Power Conditioners And Uninterruptible Power Supplies
For Use With Systems In A Networked Environment
— Ground Guard power conditioners and uninterruptible power supplies provide networked systems with benefits beyond those of traditional power conditioning products. Filter elements in the safety ground circuit prevent the formation of “ground loops,” which are common in networked applications. This “ground conditioning” feature, combined with a high-energy surge diverter and a power line filter, completely eliminates the need for both dedicated electrical circuits and isolated ground wiring. Ground Guard carries six U.S. and international patents.
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Harbortouch’s free POS system program adds a powerful new tool to your sales arsenal. It is the perfect solution for merchants that aren’t approved for financing or simply can’t afford your primary offering. Wouldn’t you rather earn a commission and build a residual revenue stream off these merchants instead of walking away from business?
Sundrop Mobile is a mobile marketing and loyalty solutions provider pioneering the “Social POS.” Sundrop’s “card-less” mobile loyalty program, loyalTXT™, uses a consumer’s mobile number as their “loyalty card,” text messaging with email for data collection and communication, and seamlessly integrates social media and location-based services.
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Specialized Business Solutions — Absolute Dealer Dedication
  • Robust point of sale software, right out of the box
  • We specialize in custom POS integrations
  • Features Galore! — MultiStore, Matrix Inventory, Accounting Link, Contract Pricing, Custom Reporting, Macro Tools, Dataport, Sales Scripting, Massive Databases... 
Windward Software Inc. features solutions that have integrated point of sale, inventory control, customer management, and back office accounting. We offer three solutions to match your business needs.
  • SpeedyPOS is simple, easy-to-use point of sale and inventory solution for a single location retailer. Integrated WeCommerce and WeMail features and can be networked up to 10 stations...
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