Case Study | July 9, 2014

Real-Time POS Slashes Credit Card Processing Time

Source: Sterling Payment Technologies
Real-Time POS

Integrating electronic cash registers with an online portal eliminated long lines at concession stands and reduced product waste by almost 100 percent at this ballpark

In baseball, timing is everything — from hitting the ball at just the right moment to tagging a player trying to steal a base. Off the field, time is equally valuable to the team’s front- office staff, and sometimes there is very little of it, as Tom Fremarek can attest.

Taking over as Director of Food and Beverage for the Joliet Slammers minor league baseball team in March 2014, Fre- marek managed to select and install a real-time point of sale (POS) system in only 11 days — just in time for the first pitch on opening day.

“When I took over food service, I wanted to address customer service issues we experienced during the previous season, and found that our manual registers and credit card machines did not allow us to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction,” he explains. “Our customer service issues were time-related in that slow credit card processing resulted in long customer lines at concession stands. Often, it took 45 seconds to process one credit card transaction because the card had to be swiped on a stand- alone credit card terminal and the amount manually entered into the cash register. Customers don’t want to have to wait that long when they should be back in their seats watching the game.”

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