Guest Column | May 20, 2013

3 Reasons IP Cameras Are Better Than Analog

BSM-Security Camera 2

by Tony Sorrentino, president, ScanSource Security

Analog physical security solutions continue to be replaced by more advanced IP solutions.  The benefits are clear, and if IT integrators arm themselves with the key features of IP solutions, they will be well on their way to migrating their customers over to these productivity-enhancing solutions, while serving as trusted advisors to their customers.

Scalability – As businesses expand or look to implement a new security system, it’s easier to scale with an IP solution.  Whether it’s at the same store or on the other side of the world, placing a security solution on the network enables continued growth. What’s more, as price points on IP solutions continue to come down and the size and range of projects change, IP solutions allow end users to do much more than an analog solution.

Quality and Breadth of Products – Higher image quality cameras, including megapixel and HD, are driving IP camera growth.  The size and range of products provides increased flexibility, allowing cameras to be used in a number of verticals in a variety of ways, from people counting and traffic flow analysis to point-of-sale integration and remote viewing from anywhere in the world.  In addition, analytics are available at the camera, as opposed to the processing end, helping to limit bandwidth and make the systems more versatile and efficient.

Ease of Use – Dealers are gaining more knowledge through education and training opportunities provided by their distribution partners.  Through this, they can deliver a level of expertise to their end-user customers, as well as insight and advisement on the solutions that will best meet their individual needs.  The more knowledge the dealer has, the more trust the end user will have in him.