Datasheet | December 30, 2009

Brochure: What's New in N-central 7.0

Source: N-able Technologies Inc.

Our affordable N-central network and systems management software sets the standard for delivering IT services remotely to small and midsize businesses and it's now faster, more powerful and flexible with the release of version 6.7! Deployed by thousands of managed services providers (MSPs) worldwide to monitor and manage hundreds of thousands of networked devices, N-central is a complete, integrated network monitoring and remote systems management toolset to automate your services and offer high-value managed services.

  • Use the power of N-central for remote network monitoring and systems management of all of your customers' IT networks and systems on a single dashboard, from wherever you are in the world.
  • Use the speed of N-central to on-board customers in minutes and connect to customer devices in seconds for lightning-fast remote control.
  • Use the flexibility of N-central for remote network monitoring of more types of devices, services and operating systems from more vendors, with greater scalability than any other solution in its class.

There are two ways to buy N-central — as on-premise software or as a hosted subscription-based service.

Your N-central software is constantly monitoring remote devices and, as a result, is mission-critical to your organization. N-able understands the importance you attach to your N-central software, and our Technical Support team is here to help you keep it running at optimal levels.

No other company invests in its MSP partners' success like N-able does. We are the first and only company to offer an integrated IT automation services program that combines business and technical training and resources with one-to-one consulting and our proven Blueprint for Success.

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