Brochure | August 4, 2011

Brochure: Retail SignDirector™

Source: OKI

Distributing and managing promotional signage shouldn't take you weeks, or even days. You want to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace — like new products or promotions by the competition. And handwritten signs usually aren't professional enough.

Printing and shipping merchandising materials at headquarters can be ineffective and inefficient — wasting time, money and opportunity. Sending standard materials to all your stores when you have regional promotions can be expensive, too. And yet, when your stores are producing signs locally, you risk not having corporate control.

SignDirector™ streamlines signage printing.
With SignDirector,™ you can reduce your time to market to hours or even minutes, eliminating outsourced or locally produced signs because the printing happens at the store level when it's needed. On-demand printing allows you to react instantly to new products or promotions by the competition. Plus, it ensures that everything was distributed and printed properly and that brand guidelines were followed as well.

Key features for corporate merchandising groups.
You can easily run promotions regionally because each promotion library contains different signs for different stores. When store users log in, they view and print only the signs for their specific store. By using the Quick Post feature, a single screen upload allows you to post a sign file for immediate viewing and/or printing by all stores or a group of stores. What's more, signage is only available to print during the promotion period, eliminating confusion about promotion start and end dates and ensuring that the right signs are printed at the right times.

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