News | March 21, 2013

Route1 Announces The Release Of MobiLINK

Securely access internal web-enabled applications and web resources from anywhere in the world

Route1 Inc., a digital security and identity management company whose customers include the U.S. Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Energy and the Government of Canada, recently released MobiLINK 1.0.  MobiLINK is an authentication and secure access technology that enables users to securely access internal web-enabled applications and web resources from anywhere in the world. 

MobiLINK empowers the enterprise with the ability to securely provide internal applications to the mobile workforce. MobiLINK is NOT a VPN-based technology and does not create additional nodes on the enterprise network or open your application to the outside world.

MobiLINK Features

  • Compatible with iOS based operating systems
  • Real-time out of band tool to manage certificate based entitlements
  • Centralized Policy Management for application entitlements and authorized MobiLINK versions
  • Offers users exactly the same access remotely that they have at their office
  • Multiple, distributed internal applications can be accessed from MobiLINK
  • Enterprise registration and deployment tools
  • Connection history details for auditing and reporting purposes
  • Easy to use application with no configuration required 

MobiLINK minimizes the complexities of network configuration, proxy settings, or firewalls, and eliminates the need to create special internal profiles to connect the user to their enterprise to access an application. The MobiLINK technology seamlessly handles the complications of deploying and managing user and device certificates. Establishing a secure connection requires only MobiLINK, and once the secure session is finished, MobiLINK ensures that zero foot print is left behind on the Remote asset. 

MobiLINK Security

  • Individual specific certificate-based technology, with secure delivery of certificate to the device
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Mutually authenticated TLS 1.1 connection
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • RSA SHA-1 and SHA-2 signing algorithms
  • Internal URLs are not exposed to the internet and are not visible to the user
  • The MobiLINK browser is sandboxed, creating a secure workspace not exposed to the user’s other internet browsing activities
  • The user’s credentials and certificate are not available to other applications, the operating system or other devices
  • PKI based solution
  • Route1 has no ability to see into the user’s secure connection

About  Route1 Inc.
Route1 delivers industry-leading security and identity management technologies to corporations and government agencies who require universal, secure access to digital resources and sensitive data. These customers depend on The Power of MobiNET - Route1’s universal identity management and service delivery platform. MobiNET provides identity assurance and individualized access to applications, data and networks. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Route1 Inc.