News | October 9, 2012

SaaSMAX Expands Cloud App Distribution Platform, Creating New Opportunities For VARs, MSPs & Other Trusted Advisors

SaaSMAX to showcase SaaS & Cloud Apps including D-Link® CloudCommand, aMPS by Amtek Computer Services, PwrSmart® Service by NewBoundary, D-Link® Fuzion and Vitar Secure Visitor Management Software at  SMB Nation 2012 Fall Conference, emphasizing horizontal up-selling.

San Diego, CA

SaaSMAX, a new online distributor marketplace that matches up, creates synergies and facilitates commerce between Resellers and Cloud-Based App Vendors, wants Resellers to know that there are exciting business opportunities to be gained through selling complementary SaaS and Cloud Apps solutions.  As millions of businesses in the U.S. and across the world transition to the Cloud, SaaSMAX is positioned to help Resellers learn which SaaS solutions solve specific business challenges.  Empowered by SaaMSAX, Resellers can then go to market with these solutions.   SaaSMAX will open up the dialog when they exhibit at this year’s Back to The Future, SMB Nation 2012 Fall Conference (October 11-13 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada). 

SaaSMAX will be demonstrating how Resellers can identify independent SaaS Apps that deliver value-add, costs savings and/or operating efficiencies that also offer generous commissions and incentive programs.   SaaSMAX will be showcasing, D-Link® CloudCommand, D-Link® Fuzion, aMPS by Amtek Computer Services, PwrSmart® Service by NewBoundary, and Vitar Secure Visitor Management Software.

SaaSMAX provides SaaS Resellers, including  MSP’s, VAR’s, Solution Providers and other Trusted Advisors,  with a “one-stop shopping” experience,  deal and commission management tools, and marketing enablement tools to facilitate reselling SaaS & Cloud Apps.   SaaSMAX CEO Dina Moskowitz stated: “We are in a unique position to be able to identify, assess and recommend  bundles of stand-alone Apps that, when sold together, really help Solution Providers bring substantial value to their customers.   And as Resellers incorporate the sale of more Apps to more of their customers, they have the potential to earn compounding recurring commission streams. ”    A recipient of SMBNation’s 2012  SMB150 Award, SaaSMAX is excited to stimulate dialog about such horizontal selling opportunities to Solution Providers attending the SMBNation Conference.  “To cite an example of Apps that would offer complementary value, consider how a healthcare facility could benefit from a managed print services App, a wireless access router management App and a visitor management App,” stated Moskowitz.

SaaSMAX will also be extending its message to Resellers about upselling horizontal App solutions through regularly scheduled SnAPPshot webinars, which highlight the business opportunities that specific SaaS solutions in the SaaSMAX marketplace currently offer.

SaaS Apps to be Showcased by SaaSMAX at SMBNation 2012 Fall Conference:

D-Link® CloudCommand: D-Link CloudCommand enables Solution Providers to provide their end users with all of the tools needed to deploy, configure, secure and manage Wi-Fi networks remotely. CloudCommand is a secure and complete end-to-end Wi-Fi network solution providing customers remote management and ease of deployment.  D-Link CloudCommand Solutions enable timely deployment of multiple access points in minutes, rather than days; centralized remote management from anywhere at any time; no hardware controller; separate security infrastructure or on-site configuration is required.  

Vitar Secure Visitor Management Software is a suite of easy to use tools to help professionally manage all visitors and contractors on any customer premise.  The SaaS solution is designed to eliminate reception queues by replacing manual sign in systems. Vitar delivers both real time and historical visitor and contractor reports and allows organizations of any size, in multiple locations, to be serviced by one single solution.  Exclusively through SaaSMAX, Vitar offers a very attractive high margin, recurring revenue commissions to U.S. Solution Providers. 

aMPS, by Amtek Computer Services, is a cloud-based print management service assessment product that enables Solution Providers to help their customers save, on average, 30% to 50% on their monthly and annual printing expenditures. This unique brand-agnostic tool analyzes a company’s complete printer fleet and generates a full report on its’ total print costs, along with an estimate for providing full solution support (maintenance and supplies). 

PwrSmart® Service by NewBoundary provides organizations and end-users immediate energy savings through a SaaS App that automatically shifts computers in a "low power state" when not in active use. PwrSmart requires no up-front investment and guarantees immediate financial return in the 1st month of activated service. 

D-Link® Fuzion:  D-Link Fuzion offers Solution Providers an easy way to aggregate multiple broadband connections as one single service. Cable, DSL, wireless and other services can be connected together increasing performance, reliability, QoS and broadband management.  Fuzion makes it easy for new Cloud or SaaS applications and services to be sold, such as VoIP, IT consolidation, hosted applications, video conferencing, off-site backup and failover for Business Continuity. 

About SaaSMAX, Inc.

Founded in 2011, SaaSMAX, Inc. ( electronically facilitates the distribution, reselling and purchasing of Software-as-a-Service business applications (“SaaS Apps”) through value-added resellers, solution providers, trusted advisors and other reseller channels (collectively “Solution Providers”).  The SaaSMAX App Marketplace enables:  1. SaaS software vendors to display detailed marketing and technical information, commission plans, special incentive offers, and the ability to manage, track and pay reseller commissions; and, 2. Solution Providers to identify relevant SaaS Apps for their clients, receive compensation when they facilitate the sale of a SaaS App, track and manage their customers’ purchases, and be identified by software vendors and business executives. For more information, go to, visit our blog at, or follow us on Twitter @WiseSaaS.