News | October 5, 2012

Samsung Megapixel Cameras Deployed With Top-Rated FaceFirst Technology To Create Gold Standard In Facial Recognition System

Samsung Techwin America, a global supplier of video surveillance and security products combining superior performance and value, is partnering with California-based FaceFirst, LLC. to supply megapixel video surveillance cameras for its FaceFirst facial recognition system.

The FaceFirst product platform uses the Samsung cameras to complement its proprietary facial recognition software system. Facial images captured by the cameras are automatically matched with watch list photos and when a person of interest is identified, alerts are instantly sent directly to pre-provisioned computers, cell phones (as e-mail, SMS or MMS messaging) or cash registers.

“By leveraging Samsung’s powerful megapixel imaging technology with FaceFirst’s expertise in software development and integration, the FaceFirst platform is primed to detect and defeat potentially dangerous or criminal activities,” said Joseph Saad, Director of Business Development, FaceFirst, LLC. “The combination of FaceFirst with Samsung’s technology has enabled us to provide our customers with world class performance and accuracy at an affordable price point.”

The FaceFirst true biometric facial recognition platform features cloud-ready software and offers functionality that is affordable, scalable, and can be custom configured to specific business requirements. The system allows users to select the facial databases they want to use and a familiar web-based portal allows users with little or no training to self- provision biometric enrollments, alerting, and notification preferences.

The military-grade FaceFirst system identifies Individuals matching client records at the rate of millions of comparisons per second. It is ideal for transportation facilities and sports arenas or for entrances where people normally pass through without stopping — at school and college campuses, corporate headquarters, financial institutions, warehouses and hospitals.

“The Samsung megapixel cameras deliver real-world environment performance, making them the perfect choice for this application,” said Frank De Fina, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Samsung Techwin America. “The combined package provides a better and faster tool for today’s security practitioners.”
Additional performance features of the Samsung megapixel cameras include true day/night (ICR) functionality, 16:9 full HD (1080p) resolution support, SSNRIII (3D + 2D) noise reduction technology and wide dynamic range (WDR) to help ensure crisp, clear images even in low light environments. Hybrid installations are supported with BNC outputs and RS-485 inputs and they are PoE (Power over Ethernet) compatible. Focus and zoom is network adjustable.
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About FaceFirst, LLC
FaceFirst, LLC. is a true biometric facial recognition solution with industry leading technology, performance and features that are affordable, scalable and custom configured to specific business requirements. FaceFirst has implemented some of the largest facial recognition deployments in the world, including international airports, world renowned landmarks, police departments and retail stores. For more information, visit

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