News | March 19, 2013

Sarasota's ‘#1 Seafood Restaurant' Goes Mobile With New Ordering App

Duval’s New World Café, rated the “#1 Seafood Restaurant” in Sarasota, Florida by OpenTable diners, recently became the very first install to incorporate Future POS Mobile Ordering for fast and easy order entry via an app.

Duval’s uOrder App, installed by Future POS, Inc., offers restaurant patrons the convenience of placing orders directly from their smartphone. Unlike other mobile ordering apps on the marketplace, the uOrder App allows customers to control their dining experience from start to finish. Upon opening the app, the customer can choose to “Order To Go” or to “Eat At Duval’s/Table.” When the latter option is selected, the user is presented with a QR code that is then scanned by the host or hostess. From that point on, the entire dining process lies in the hands of the customer, eliminating all unnecessary order and payment delays.

In addition to enhanced efficiency, the app also offers quick access to previously ordered items, configurable order types and a customizable information page for advertising. Customers can simply visit their smartphone’s app store, search for the uOrder App and complete the free download.

To develop the app, the Future POS team worked with Corona SDK, a robust and reliable mobile development framework with cross-platform capabilities. The app is skin-able to the restaurant’s unique logo and color scheme, allowing restaurateurs to create a personalized product that is unique to their business. When someone orders via the app, the order is sent directly to the store’s kitchen and receipt printers, allowing direct and seamless integration into the restaurant’s operations.

“The Duval’s uOrder App, developed by Future POS, Inc, is the most sophisticated ordering app in the market today,” said President and CEO John Giles. “It allows a patron to completely control their dining experience by giving them the ability to order their own food, page their waiter/waitress, and pay their bill all from their phone. This also gives the restaurant the most optimal table turn times possible, because the patron controls the pace of the meal.”

About Future POS
Future POS is distributed by Future POS Inc. in Butler, PA and writes point-of-sale software designed for the hospitality industry. Future POS is installed in restaurants around the world, including fine dining, quick serve, retail and other specialty applications. Some of our innovative options include: Mobile Apps, Digital Signage, Surveillance, Tableside Ordering, iPads for Handhelds, TabbedOut for Smartphones, Online Ordering and End-to-End Encryption.