Case Study | August 30, 2012

Saving Big In Healthcare With Modular ECM

Source: KeyMark Inc.

Not one to rest on there laurels, Bronson Healthcare Group (BHG) has adopted a systemwide platform for enterprise content management (ECM). The ECM complements clinical applications in multiple departments with dozens of automated workfl ows to improve business operations and patient service. With KeyMark, Inc., they have accomplished this at a signifi cantly lower cost than niche healthcare applications or other ECM solutions. In fact, the solution provided by KeyMark was cost justifi ed in about a year and provides the perfect platform for ongoing process improvements.

Bronson was initially just looking for a Finance Department solution after the payroll manager saw a presentation at a trade show. “When Matt (Molise, Senior IT Analyst at Bronson) and I got involved we realized how it could be used in multiple departments and move away from niche solutions. The modular design of the KeyMark solution allowed us to spread the cost of the system over several high-profi le projects, while expanding upon the same core application infrastructure,” said Mike Moore, Systems Analyst at Bronson.

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