White Paper | November 29, 2010

White Paper: Social Networking For Business: Risk Or ROI?

Source: AVG Technologies USA, Inc.

LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, and social networking in general are argued by some to have tangible business benefits, but are these communication channels nothing more than a corporate risk gateway or do they have the potential to deliver a real and positive impact upon total return on investment (ROI)?

According to FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg, "..people are a lot more relaxed about online privacy than they used to be. Attitudes have changed and people have "opened up on the web" as they share information about themselves on social networking sites. .."Although this action in itself is not without its personal privacy risks, the real issue arises when users take this approach with them to work and are equally "open" in a corporate business environment.

The perceived shift in attitudes about personal information sharing among its user-base was behind FaceBook's decision to change its privacy rules late in 2009. But while the changes were deemed to be bold and brave by FaceBook insiders, some of its 350 million worldwide users felt otherwise and so complained that the company was out of step with very real concerns about identity theft and online security.

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