Newsletter | March 27, 2012

03.27.12 -- Socket Mobile Launches Apple-Certified 1D Bar Code Scanner; MobiForms Mobile Developer Now Supports Android Camera Bar Code Reader Integration

Business Solutions
Mobility Goes Mainstream
By Gennifer Biggs, contributing editor
By Gennifer Biggs, contributing editor Well-established enterprise mobility integrator Stratix has watched with interest as the trends of converging technology and consumerism swept through the industries on which it concentrates, opening up entirely new opportunities for growth. Full article.

Sell Printronix thermal bar code solutions and win! Online Data Validation (ODV) is an optional feature available for Printronix SL/T5000r ENERGY STAR® thermal bar code printers. ODV analyzes every bar code printed on the Printronix SL/T5000r ENERGY STAR® units. Now through March 22, 2012, Printronix is offering its reseller community an exciting promotion. For every T500r printer sold with ODV, you'll receive $75. Learn more at


How A Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Recouped 30% Of Its Space
ACME Drugs is a pharmaceutical manufacturer for the veterinary industry, focusing specifically on medications for horses and domestic animals. In consideration of public health, animal welfare and environmental conservation, ACME decided to adopt an automatic identification (Auto ID) system to manage their pharmaceutical production process. Learn more.

New Mobile Solution Helps Dairy Distributor's Bottom Line
Founded in 1929 in Murfreesboro, TN, the Murfreesboro Pure Milk Company is a distributor of Purity Dairies products, including milk, ice cream, and cultured dairy items. Murfreesboro Pure Milk Co. has used handheld computers for years, but the original devices acquired in 1995 sported small, non-touch-screen displays and small processors. Additionally the devices did not have the more up-to-date mobile-computer technologies needed to optimize delivery times. Learn more.

Golf Entertainment Facility Sees
Immediate ROI With New Inventory Control System

TopGolf is a dynamic entertainment facility with four locations in the U.S. TopGolf combines the basics of golf with cutting-edge technology to create an enjoyable game for players of all experience levels. One warehouse is in charge of tracking all gaming parts, such as ball dispensers, targets, balls, mats, and various technical pieces that keep games up and running. For years, the TopGolf warehouse used spreadsheets to manually maintain inventory records. Learn more.

Video Blog: Motorola Partner Expo Recap
I recently returned from the Motorola Solutions Partner Expo in Las Vegas. According to Motorola, there were 3,000 partners at the show, which spanned three days and included a variety of general sessions speakers, breakout education sessions, and a solutions showcase. Right from the start, it was clear this event was going to be different than those in the past as the conference kicked off in an exciting way, with a high-octane rock video made using clips submitted by Motorola partners. Watch video.

Video: EasyDL Scanning Option
Xenon™'s EasyDL™ allows your system to easily parse specific fields from drivers' licenses and transmit the information in a user-friendly format. Watch video.

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7535 G2 Rugged Handheld 7535 G2 Rugged Handheld Computer
The warehouse waits for no one. If you don't keep the pace, morale and productivity plummets. You need to arm your workers with tools that are tough enough to match this demanding environment. Read more.
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