White Paper | April 4, 2013

Software Developers Gain Unique Value-Add Tied To Merchant Processing

Source: Cynergy Data
BSM-cloud card swipe

DonateWiseNOW is a first-to-market technology enabling micro-donations during card transactions at the POS for SMB merchants. For software developers, this functionality is a way to differentiate and earn additional recurring revenue from donations made.

What makes DonateWiseNow unique?

DonateWiseNow (DWN) is a first-to-market technology enabling micro-donations during card transactions at the point of sale.  It is specifically built for small and mid-size merchants. Currently large retailers enable donations at the POS with a focus on one charity, and varying degrees of signature pad capability.  With DWN, merchants can choose to lodge up to 9 charities on the signature pad and easily rotate the choice to avoid donor fatigue.  The signature pad enables discreet donations with no solicitation required by employees. 

Consumers can donate a small amount such as $1 or $3, or ‘round-up’ their purchase amount.  DonateWiseNow is registered and bonded in all 50 states as an authorized third party fundraiser- a requirement for cause-related marketing endeavors. Any charity a merchant would like to support can be added as long as they are a reputable 501(c)3.  DonateWiseNow is scalable across the country through both stand- alone terminals and integrated solutions.

The offering includes a completely transparent portal for Non-Profit Organizations (NPO’s) to view exactly where there donations are coming from by merchant and geographic area.  The Merchant  can track through their own Admin Portal the volume, merchants, and donation rates by card type.

To even further enhance the offering, community-minded merchants can choose to offer Green Receipts. Consumers can choose whether to receive a printed receipt or not. If not, they are able to track their receipts and donations online at www.planetreceipt.com.  Merchants in turn can track receipts online for chargebacks.

What are some benefits to merchants?

  • Doing good by doing well – 65% of customers* prefer to shop at establishments that support charitable giving
  • Community interaction - creates connections between the consumer, merchant and Non-Profit Organization while promoting consumer loyalty
  • Quick funding - one swipe at a time merchants can provide expedited funding to various local and national non-profit organizations
  • Flexibility to rotate charities – promotes consumer participation while creating a positive environment that promotes positive change.  A win-win for both merchants and their customers!

Why should software developers integrate DonateWise into their software?

  • Differentiates the offering.  Many certified integrated and POS solutions exist, but DonateWiseNow can be part of a game changer that makes a difference in our socially conscious marketplace.
  • Become part of a first-to-market solution that is exclusive to Cynergy Data.  By integrating the code, the VAR can be the first technology provider to represent a micro-donations solution that’s geared for smaller merchants. 
  • Secure additional revenue from multiple sources. As a certified VAR with Cynergy Data, this integrated solution can be offered to a pool of 700+ Cynergy Data ISOs.
  • Earn incremental revenue.  Earn recurring income from our revenue share program. In addition, as new merchants are signed, each becomes a referral source to other merchants in their local community – which can grow your sales.

What SDK options are available to software developers and how long does integration take?

  • Test scripts, test accounts, and a full set of test cards are available upon registration of your organization.
  • Receive a comprehensive integration guide with all supported transaction parameters and code samples.  
  • Complimentary full integration and certification support by our experienced, dedicated staff.
  • The integration takes approximately 60 hours of development and testing.

What are some example retail niches that could find DonateWiseNow appealing?

Any small to mid-size merchant will find value in raising funds for their favorite or local charities.  Some retail industries that might draw a more emotional and productive response to giving would be those that serve consumers who are, or stores that are themselves, very empathetic toward animals and children.  For example:

Medical – Pediatric specialties

Ladies – ladies fashion, Hair, Nails, Spa’s etc.

Pets – Including Vets, boarding, adoption, conservancy, preservation, etc.