Magazine Article | December 15, 2009

Feature Article: Solve The Government Contracting Puzzle

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By Mike Monocello, Chief Editor, Business Solutions magazine

By far, one of the hottest verticals VARs talk about is government. Unfortunately, while tales of great opportunity are common, it's also common to hear scary stories of how difficult it is to have any success in the space. Intellicheck Mobilisa is one integrator that specializes in government projects and has had great success. In fact, the integrator is one of the fastest growing companies in its home state of Washington and was ranked as the 170th fastest growing company in North America on Deloitte's 2009 Technology Fast 500. In talking with Steve Williams, COO of Intellicheck Mobilisa, there is some specialized knowledge needed to be successful in this vertical. However, Williams says almost any integrator (regardless of what technologies you're selling) can have government success if they follow a few basic steps.

Used with permission from Business Solutions magazine.

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