Guest Column | October 19, 2012

Sprint To The Finish — It's That Time Of Year

By Ken Thoreson, president, Acumen Management Group LTD

An upcoming election. Roller-coaster days on Wall Street. Middle East issues. Budgets being cut.  There are many distractions.

With that economic domino effect affecting us all as 2012 begins to wind down, ending the year on a high note will be more challenging than ever. At Acumen, we've been offering the following advice to our clients and their sales teams:

Keep it in perspective. Recognize that if you are in the information technology sector, it is the best place to be in tough economic times. You sell what's especially in demand right now: Solutions that can increase efficiency, cut costs and enhance customer relationships.

  • Stay optimistic. Remember that clients and prospects are seeking help and you're in a position to both reassure and assist them.
  • Work harder. (Sorry, but that's what's needed.) Try to stretch yourself both in terms of attracting new customers and better serving existing ones. Sell professionally; execute brilliantly.