Q&A | August 1, 2014

4 Steps In A Successful Managed Services Sales Process

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

Managed Services Sales Process

There can be common steps in a basic sales cycle for most businesses, but when you are selling managed IT services, a successful sales process reflects how this business model provides benefits to your customers.

Mark Sokol, director of marketing for ConnectWise explains some of these benefits: “Instead of the ‘break-fix’ model — which as the name implies, when something breaks your clients have to hire you to fix it — managed services are proactive, which allows you to monitor and manage issues before anything ever actually breaks.”

He provides four steps to include in your sales process that will highlight the benefits of the model and can put you on the path to closing the sale.

  1. Overcome Price Concerns.

Sell the value/peace of mind the managed services model provides. Break costs down into the easy-to-budget monthly (rather than annual) fees. And finally, talk results, not tech. Instead of scrambling to find budget when systems failures occur, customers can rest easy knowing they’re covered.

  1. Sweeten The Deal With HaaS.

Keeping hardware updated can be costly. By providing HaaS (Hardware-as-a-Service) — breaking it down into more manageable payments and spreading it across three years of managed services bills, you can control your costs—and your customer’s.

  1. Set your company apart from the competition.

Define your sales proposition. As more and more services become necessary to successfully run a business, customers desire to have a single point of contact. You can be this single point of contact, by either providing all the services they need or offering to manage vendors who provide their other services.

  1. Transition existing clients.

Explain your new model to existing customers. There will be pushback, so you’ll need to decide whether to take a hybrid approach, where you continue to support break/fix clients, but require all new customers to adopt a managed services model.