Article | April 23, 2014

SYNNEX Highlights Must-Have POS Features And Functionality

Bob Stegner, Senior Vice President, Marketing, North America for SYNNEX Corporation

Bob Stegner, senior VP of Marketing, North America for SYNNEX, highlights what retail customers want from POS systems, including benefits related to mobile point of sale (POS) and particular attention to all aspects of the system’s security.

What are the three most important features retail customers want in a POS system?

Stegner: Retail customers want to serve their customer anywhere in the store, eliminate long checkout lines with the ability to scan items, and complete transactions anywhere on the sales floor. They also want real-time sales reporting, inventory tracking, security, and workforce tracking.

How do you minimize downtime due to battery life and connectivity when mobile POS is in use?

Stegner: The optional secondary battery lets you ring up more sales without worrying about recharge and stay on the sales floor longer with up to 15 hours of battery life.  The docks recharge the battery, further reducing the chance of downtime. Also, to serve the customer anywhere in the store, equipping employees with tablets can reduce showrooming, as well as increase add-on sales and showcase a full inventory that is not limited to a small storefront the customer shops in.

What features of a POS system are most important to SMB customers?

Stegner: The most important features an SMB customer looks for in a POS System are stability and reliability, flexibility, and easy deployment. Additionally, retailers believe that developing a more engaging in-store customer experience is business critical. Lastly, being able to quickly react to peak and non-peak hours without missing a sale is very important.

What do your customers need to know about security and POS?

Stegner: This is the most important feature at the end of the day. Retailers need to know how to secure devices, as they can contain sensitive data that can compromise both their internal data as well as any stored data.  Resellers need to understand how to utilize tools like Computrace, Low Jack, or any other security software to lock down missing units, as well as remotely delete all data to protect sensitive information. Combined with reputable POS software, this allows retailers to install mobile devices without the worry of compromising data, while increasing efficiency and workflow management. No one device will solve security problems — it’s a full solution approach that takes advantage of the multiple PCI checks and balances that provides a truly secure experience.

SYNNEX STORESolv is introducing the HPMX10 mobile POS solution, designed to transition from the counter to the customer — and back — as well as the HP TX1 POS solution, designed with the needs of SMBs in mind.