Guest Column | September 20, 2012

The Future Is Customer Engagement

Henry Helgeson CEO Merchant Warehouse

This guest column from Henry Helgeson, Co-founder and CEO of Merchant Warehouse discusses the rapidly changing payment industry including the convergence of new payment types and customer demand of enhanced engagement. It also includes a video interview with Mr. Helgeson regarding the need for enhanced customer engagement and the value that Merchant Warehouse’s Genius™ Customer Engagement Platform™ can provide to merchants by being the first industry solution that has the power to aggregate and integrate any payment type or customer program into a single platform.

Here is an excerpt from the video:

Shannon Andrade, Director of Training and Education

Talking about the Merchant Warehouse vision a little bit, what is Merchant Warehouse changing regarding payment solutions and why?

Henry Helgeson, Co-founder & Co-CEO

Well, first of all I think just saying payments is an old way of thinking. This is really customer engagement. How does the merchant engage with their customers in new ways and interact with them and bring them into their store to buy and actually have actionable data and offers that get the job done and increase sales?