Guest Column | March 19, 2014

The Insider's Guide to Evaluating Integrated Backup Appliance Solutions

Managed Services, Backup and Recovery, And Networking News From October 2014

By Jerome Wendt, president and lead analyst, DCIG, LLC

Integrated backup appliances have spent the last few years illustrating that they are another step in the evolution of data backup and recovery. Combining the reliability and familiarity of physical server hardware, the increased throughput that memory, SSDs and 10 gigabyte Ethernet and/or FC networks provide, plus throwing in virtualization and deduplication capabilities for good measure, integrated backup appliances make deploying and implementing backup in enterprise environments easier and faster than ever before.

Data protection is an essential, yet laborious and time-consuming task that every organiza­tion must perform. Organizations capture, store, and retain more types of data for longer periods of time than ever before. Identifying the right hardware and software, rounding up the manpower to implement it, and managing and supporting the solution over the long-term can tie up even the best IT teams. Integrated backup appliances address all of these challenges by providing a customizable, self-contained solution that are available in numer­ous form factors to give customers the many choices they now need for the various environments into which they are deployed.

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