White Paper | August 31, 2015

The Power Of Multiples: Best Practices For Selling Best-of-Breed Solutions

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Selling Best-of-Breed Solutions

Value-added resellers (VARs) and systems integrators have choices in sourcing, assembling and deploying hardware and software solutions for customers. These IT solutions specialists can work either with a single vendor that offers most of the technology needed to build end-to-end offerings, or multiple vendors to integrate and craft more comprehensive solutions.

Many VARs find working with a single vendor less complicated and more expedient than sourcing from multiple suppliers. The drawback: the technology available in single-vendor portfolios is inconsistent in quality and functionality. Nowhere is this more evident than the security space, where a client’s critical assets must be thoroughly safeguarded with no tolerance for weak spots.

A growing number of VARs show better returns and higher average sales prices than peers by creating holistic solutions using multiple best-of- breed technologies. In this report, we will outline the value and process by which VARs can succeed with this best-of-breed strategy, as well as how channel partners can leverage these solutions to energize and enable horizontal sales.

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