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08.18.14 -- The Power Of Multiples: Best Practices For Selling Best-Of-Breed Solutions

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Reinvent Your Sales Pitch For Managed Services   Reinvent Your Sales Pitch For Managed Services
If you’re ready to cash in on managed services, you need a different approach to the way you sell. We can help! We’ve developed 6 Tips To Reinvent Your Sales Pitch to get your clients saying ‘yes’ to your new as-a-Service offering.

The sales techniques in this guide will teach you to rethink the way you approach prospective clients. Get the 6 tips now!
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Helgeson Forecasts The Future Of Payments At RetailNOW
By Jim Roddy, president, Business Solutions magazine
With apologies to E.F. Hutton, when Henry Helgeson talks about payments, people listen. The CEO of Merchant Warehouse, who is regularly quoted in Forbes and other national media outlets, drew a large crowd to his Aug. 5 RetailNOW presentation titled, “The Future Of Payments.”
How To Fire A Client
By Andrew Harrover
As a business owner, one of the hardest things I have had to learn is when it is time to fire a client. The need to find and retain clients is driven by the crucible of those early days when you did not have very many clients — when the business was struggling to survive.
The Power Of Multiples: Best Practices For Selling Best-Of-Breed Solutions
Value-added resellers and systems integrators have choices in sourcing, assembling, and deploying hardware and software solutions for customers. These IT solutions specialists can work either with a single vendor that offers most of the technology needed to build end-to-end offerings or multiple vendors to integrate and craft more comprehensive solutions.
IP Opens Doors To A New World Of Physical Access Control
It is no exaggeration to say that network video has revolutionized the world of CCTV. Now the access control industry is on the verge of a similar, groundbreaking development. Once again, the driving force is the transition to TCP/IP-based systems.
7 Reasons NOT To Offer Service Package Options
By Raffi Jamgotchian
When I started Triada Networks in 2008, I had to decide which billing model made the most sense for me. Since I knew that I didn’t want to trade dollars for hours, fixed-price plans seemed to make the most sense, which ultimately led me to embrace the concept of managed services.
Why You Should Embrace Commoditization
By Rob Rae
Is commoditization actually fueling innovation? Yes — I’m actually suggesting that solution providers should be embracing commoditization. Before you call that crazy, or think that I’m just trying to sensationalize, give me a chance to explain.
How Your Company Can Thrive With Marketing Automation
By Clint Hofer
Do you hate that feeling of wondering how long it’s been since you emailed that prospect? When you look at your sales forecast, does it seem like a few leads may have slipped through the cracks?
7 Reasons Why PSA Platforms Are Better Than Homegrown Tools
By Israel Lang
The year was 2006, and our three-year-old company was going through a tremendous growth cycle. Our small team knew that the organic tools we had used early on (mostly spreadsheets, a quickly thrown together Access database, and an SaaS accounting package) might be able to carry us through the current growth cycle, but more than likely wouldn’t carry us through future cycles.
Channel Sales Vendor/Partner Relationships: What Vendors Want (Part 2)
By Dede Haas
A better understanding of what a vendor expects from a partner helps the solution provider make well informed and prudent business decisions that have a positive and profitable impact on their organization.
Things To Include In Your Elevator Speech
By Dan Wensley
In this age of social media, coupled with our instant access to information from anywhere at any time, you might think the need for a traditional elevator pitch is obsolete. However, the old sales practice of crafting a short, succinct introduction to your organization may be more relevant than ever.
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Genetec Announces Integration Of Security Center With DMP Intrusion Panels
Webroot Channel Edge Reseller Program Empowers Partners To Increase Profitability
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