Q&A | April 11, 2014

The Top VAR Opportunities In The SMB Space

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

VAR Opportunities In SMB

Business Solutions asked industry experts “Why VARs Should Set Their Sights On SMBs” for the Business Solutions 2014 Partner Program Insider. In addition to the insights in that article, these industry leaders also offer what they believe are the biggest opportunities and significant trends in the SMB space — including network and physical security, and, for SMB retailers, the transition to EMV and online marketing. 

Ajay Jain, President and CEO, Quantum Secure: SMBs want the same protections that large companies are deploying. New software innovations and the rise of integrated appliances are making this possible — especially when offered in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business models that utilize the cloud. This is a game changer in the SMB market for solution providers and their reseller partners.

Scott Schafer, Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Service, Arecont Vision: The SMB market will be a good market to pursue for growth. As more systems integrators (SI)/dealers gain confidence in their ability to deploy IP networked video surveillance and security systems, they can dramatically expand sales activities in the SMB market. Cost efficiencies have made many advanced technologies more affordable for SMB users who can greatly benefit from the added protection megapixel video systems deliver.

John Grabowski, National Sales and Marketing Manager, JVC: The SMB market is one of the fastest growing markets of opportunity for professional video and security systems. The combined need for improved security, reduced liability, and worker/visitor peace of mind are all critical drivers. As a result, SMBs are looking for higher-end solutions that provide useable video for real-time monitoring and forensic investigations. The introduction of integrated network recording/video management and control solutions, and affordable HD IP cameras is changing the landscape for system sales into the SMB market by opening up new sales opportunities.

Gadi Piran, President, OnSSI: SMB users want the same high performance systems that larger organizations are deploying. New appliances that provide integrated control and recording capabilities, scalability, and that don’t have camera licensing costs are rapidly gaining traction with SMB users.

Robert Laughlin, President, Galaxy Control Systems: SMB owners have become more technologically savvy as they strive to compete on larger playing fields with more and often larger players. The demand for tighter security is also being driven by the need to protect people and assets, reduce liability, and ensure compliance in various industries. SMBs represent a tremendous growth opportunity for the professional security industry.

Scott Carcillo, CIO, Merchant Link: For retail, big opportunities are point-to-point encryptions and tokenization. With the necessity to have EMV just months away, this opportunity is related to timing to get new systems in place for the retail and hospitality clients. Also, if there’s a good loyalty program in place, there’s always room for improvement, and restaurants can benefit from knowledge about their customer base.

Clint Hofer, President, Slingfly Media: There is an opportunity to support a transition to online marketing over traditional marketing methods. Hofer provides a list of pitfalls to avoid, including hanging on to an outdated online tool, making navigation difficult, and not using analytics to make decisions about improvements.