White Paper | June 27, 2011

The True Value Of Video Intelligence

Source: Verint Systems

Today, organizations face greater physical security risks than perhaps ever before — from terrorism and violence to theft, vandalism, and fraud. While terrorism grabs much of the spotlight, other statistics are also striking. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately two million US workers are victims of workplace violence each year.1 Meanwhile, retail shrinkage approached $46B in 2009, and Freightwatch International cited a 67 percent increase in cargo theft at a cost of nearly $500M.

An inability to contain these losses can produce complex and costly consequences. Insurance and medical costs continue to rise. The likelihood of litigation continues to grow. Investigations require even greater time and resources. Employee turnover as the result of perceived unsafe working conditions stresses budgets and diminishes productivity. All of this takes a toll on an organization's bottom line and even its brand value, especially given the negative attention that security incidents tend to attract. And as many organizations are tasked with reducing both budgets and staff, they must address physical security more efficiently and cost effectively.

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