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03.25.14 -- The Ultimate Cloud Sales Strategy

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What To Do When Network Demand Skyrockets
By Shaun Neal
By Shaun Neal For some businesses, the demand on their wireless networks has built gradually. But how should a business respond if the demand is suddenly greater? In this situation, the most important thing to do is to evaluate what applications are essential or beneficial to the business and identify those that may be more of an employee convenience.
Make More Money With Backup: No Hidden Costs = Higher Margins For You

GFI MAX Backup is an all-inclusive hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery service which is designed to help you easily build in margins and sell as part of your managed services offering:

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Featured Articles
MSP Automation: Five Reasons It Matters For Today's MSPs
By Mike Cullen
Mike Cullen of N-able by SolarWinds says if you're feeling the effects of cloud, mobile computing, IT anywhere, commoditization, and other movements that have turned the IT world upside down, get ready for even more change in the next two years, and explains why automation matters to MSPs.
ERP, WFM, And Time Clocks: Critical Integration
By Larry Dawson
Retailers are increasingly searching for single-platform applications that incorporate their enterprise resource planning (ERP) and human capital management (HCM) requirements into a unified environment. Many retailers grapple with separate application suites that don’t talk to each other. Their accounting, supply chain, inventory, and POS management functions are isolated from their talent, compensation, scheduling, employee benefits, and workforce management systems.
Four Leadership Lessons I've Learned From Baseball's Joe Maddon
By Joe Serra
If you follow Major League Baseball, chances are you’re familiar with Tampa Bay Rays Manager Joe Maddon and his unorthodox approach to managing the game…not to mention his team. Joe’s famous (or infamous, depending on where you’re standing) for mixing things up, taking players out of their standard positions, and testing their skills in new ways.
The Ultimate Cloud Sales Strategy
By Ken Thoreson
During a recent new client strategy meeting and a session where I had a chance to interview their entire sales team I came away with a breakthrough idea regarding their sales efforts. I think it is pertinent to almost every past client and all future clients. I just had to share it with my many readers.
Accelerating Sales: Driving Traffic
By Gil Cargill
In the preface that I published last week, I talked about the fact that you and your sales team need to be very clear regarding the results that are produced by your products and services when a customer contracts with you.  If you don't understand the quantity of results (as measured by the client) and the value of results (again, from the customer's point of view), then you are doomed to pitching your features and prices.  Obviously, this is an unprofitable way to go to market.
How To Balance Security And Privacy With Hospital Data
By Paul Martini
By Paul Martini, CEO of iboss Network Security, lists four critical areas to evaluate when balancing security and privacy as a healthcare IT provider.
Differences Between A World-Class MSP And A Typical MSP
By Douglas R. Grabowski, Jr.
“World-class” is used to explain “of the highest order.” Here’s how to ensure your company is performing better than everyone else.
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Remote Support Manager - Unattended Remote Control Of Windows Desktops And Servers
Remote Support Manager - Unattended Remote Control Of Windows Desktops And Servers
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Dolphin 7800 Android - Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)
Dolphin 7800 Android - Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)
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