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02.25.13 -- The Voices In Your Head Are Lying: IP Video *Is* For You

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The Voices In Your Head Are Lying: IP Video *Is* For You
By Mike Monocello, chief editor
By Mike Monocello, chief editor During a recent security-related conference, one of the speakers said to the audience that if they couldn’t "speak IT" they wouldn’t last very long in today’s sales conversations. So true; however, I’m not sure if many IT integrators really understand how strong their position is — or could be.
Full article.

How To Cover 1.4 Million Square Feet With Video Surveillance
An integrator shares the details behind his 145-camera install for an upscale shopping mall. Full article.

Add Hosted Access Control To Your Managed Services Portfolio
IT integrators looking for additional profit and a more sticky relationship with customers should consider adding hosted access control to their portfolios. Full article.

Here’s Another Way To Justify The Cost Of IP Cameras
If you’ve got customers with junky old analog CCTV surveillance systems looking to upgrade to IP, but cost is a factor, you should take a look at 360-degree panoramic cameras. Why? Imagine one megapixel camera mounted in the center of a room that captures video in all directions. Full article.

Does Your Customer’s Video Surveillance Pass This Test?
While at the Mobotix partner conference earlier this week, attendees got a crash course in video quality. If you aren’t hip to the latest in video surveillance, you might be in for a shock. According to Dr. Magnus Ekerot, CEO USA for Mobotix, 90% of today’s surveillance recordings are in CIF format. That is, 288 lines of resolution. If you’re wondering what valuable evidence you can capture at that resolution, it isn’t much. Full article.

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MOBOTIX Q24 Hemispheric Camera MOBOTIX Q24 Hemispheric Camera
An elegant, ultra-compact, and weatherproof IP dome camera. Thanks to the 360° all-round view to capture an entire room, a panorama function, and a quad view to show images from four different angles simultaneously, the Q24 can be used in all new scenarios. Read more.
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