Guest Column | December 17, 2012

Three Reasons To Sell iPad Point Of Sale Solutions

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By Ansar Khan, co-founder, Refulgent Software, developers of Ambur

Mobile point of sale solutions have been around for quite some time but never gained traction until the iPad was released. Why is that? Mainly because the hardware was mediocre, the user interfaces weren’t so great and each handheld unit could cost up to $2,000.

With the release of the iPad in 2010, a number of companies started developing point of sale apps for iOS. Two and a half years later, the mobile point of sale market (consisting mostly of iOS apps) has taken the foodservice industry by storm. There are new apps coming to the market everyday and the mobile point of sale market seems to be leaping ahead of the more established brands.

VARs are comfortable with the model they have been working with for the past two decades but with the market changing so fast, having at least one mobile point of sale solution in your arsenal is a must. Sure, there are challenges that come along with the new wave of point of sale solutions but here are three reasons of why you must start selling an iPad point of sale solution.

  • A better option for restaurateurs
    • Whether it’s because of the mobility, the ease of use, the constant updates, the price, or any of the other features, it’s clear that the new wave of iPad point of sale systems are what the end users want. Any sit down restaurant, whether it is fine dining or casual, can save time with every table by giving their waiters access to the point of sale system no matter where they are. The constant and seamless updates to the apps are great for the merchant but even better for the VAR. No need to visit every client when there’s an update available! With lower up front costs and low monthly fees, many more restaurants can afford a point of sale system. Margins may be lower per deal, but with a much wider audience of potential customers, everybody wins.
  • Less work for VARs throughout the process
    • Everything is easier, from the first sales contact to daily support calls. Have to give a demo to a customer remotely? No problem. Download Reflection and on your Mac or PC and you can easily mirror your iOS device to the end user’s computer screen in seconds. On site demos are not too difficult either, Just slip an iPad in your briefcase and you’re good to go. Post-sale support is even easier. The apps are easier to use than traditional systems and most app companies have an online help desk that is accessible 24/7.
  • No competing salesforce
    • Most of the new iPad point of sale companies do not have a large salesforce. In fact, most have a physical presence in only one city and must rely on resellers to deliver the personalized service that they can’t. You know your local market best and as long as you know the product, you’ve got the upper hand!

Open up your market - Small independent restaurants don’t have to use a register from the early 80’s any longer. It’s time to add an iPad point of sale to your arsenal. Good luck!

About The Author

Ansar is the co-founder of Refulgent Software, developers of Ambur. Ambur is an easy to use point of sale app that is used at restaurants, coffee shops, bars and food trucks. Ansar has over ten years of experience in the foodservice industry, serving various roles