Brochure | July 10, 2012

Tigerpaw Version 11 Overview

Source: Tigerpaw Software, Inc.

At Tigerpaw Software, it's always about the customer, and Tigerpaw 11 is no exception. Whether you are a first-time user or a long-time customer, you will experience our software as faster, cleaner and more powerful than ever. With hundreds of user requested enhancements, this release provides increased performance, as well as, ease of use.

Tigerpaw is unlike any product on the market. Our software covers all aspects of your business from Contact Management (CRM) and Quoting to Service Management and Inventory. We work with concurrent licenses and each module is designed to support a role in your organization. Regardless of the modules or add-on products you choose, Tigerpaw acts as one integrated system, to make running your business easier and make your people more effective.

Our customers have taught us that creating successful companies requires looking at your business in terms of four key areas that we call the Pillars of Success. Tigerpaw brings extensive automation and best practices to each of the four pillars- all in one software solution.

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