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01.16.14 -- Top 6 Project Breakdowns (And How To Fix Them)

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How To Build A World-Class MSP
By Alex Rogers
In most cases, any solution provider can break into managed services and set themselves up for a lifestyle of monthly recurring revenue. However, that revenue stream isn’t solely what will launch your business into the next stage. Alex Rogers, CEO of CharTec, suggests things to consider when you want to move from average to a superior status in managed services.
Featured Articles
Pitfalls To Avoid With Patch Management
By Alistair Forbes
Alistair Forbes of GFI MAX lists five things to avoid when it comes to patch management and tells MSPs why its important to get it right the first time around, use the best solution, and get buy-in from the clients' management.
Why IT Integrators Should Be Selling IP Video Today
By Steve Gorski
IT resellers seeking to expand their businesses and differentiate themselves in the market need look no further than the growing IP video segment. Steve Gorski of MOBOTIX says there is huge potential for resellers to increase their revenues, both by more sales to existing customers and sales to new customers eager to embrace the benefits of IP video systems.
The Value Of Voice In CRM
By Steven De Korne
Steven De Korne of Vertical Communications explains how adding voice to a customer relationship management tool improves productivity, efficiency, and profitability.
Prospecting Is A Numbers Game
By Gil Cargill
Gil Cargill of Cargill Consulting Group says prospecting is a numbers game, but far too often the numbers are not adhered to. He reminds sales teams to be tenacious, persistent, yet professional when following up with prospects.
Don't Let Automation Pass You By
Needless to say, down time can be expensive. The MSP might have to pay their customers for the interruption in service and may also ultimately end up losing some customers in the long run. As such, it's prudent for MSPs to take steps to avoid outages.
Top 6 Project Breakdowns (And How To Fix Them)
Project management is either one of those things that you are really good at, and you can breeze right through without any issues, or it’s something that drives you crazy.
MSPs: Before Signing A New Customer, Check Out Client Operations
By Manny Veiga
When negotiating a contract with potential clients, there are a few issues MSPs will want to take note of that will not only strengthen their positions presently and in the future, but also help prevent data storage and security threats from manifesting.
Secrets Of The BDR Sale
The true workings of a network are rarely seen and should not be heard. This, in particular, goes for a BDR. The only unfortunate part of this reality is that it is one of the precise reasons why it’s so difficult to sell a BDR solution to a new client.
What MSPs Need To Know About The Latest HIPAA Rules
By Nick Bruno
Nick Bruno, chief information security officer at Continuum Managed Services, shares what your enterprise needs to know about new regulations.
Best Channel Vendors 2014: Always Room For Improvement
By Mike Monocello, editor in chief
You should have found in your mailbox this week the January 2014 issue of Business Solutions magazine, which contains the results of our annual Best Channel Vendors survey. This is the sixth year we've run this survey which gives us a lot of data to analyze.
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