White Paper | October 30, 2012

Top 4 Challenges When Viewing Documents In The Cloud

Source: Accusoft

This white paper from Accusoft takes a the top 4 challenges that users face when viewing documents stored in cloud-based systems, such as content management systems, engineering drawing repositories, or technical publication libraries. Different types of documents require consideration to promote a good experience for the end user. During the implementation of a cloud-based document viewing system you could face any of these four common challenges:

  • Working with multiple file formats.
  • Variations in document size.
  • Browser-compatibility with HTML5.
  • Viewing documents on mobile devices.

Viewing documents in many different file formats is very common. These formats can be PDF, TIFF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CAD, or a multitude of other options. Often, the device that is displaying the document is not configured with the correct software to open a specific document or image and there are also a multitude of devices that the document may be opened on. It is common to convert all documents to a generic format, often a JPEG or PNG format which can normally be viewed in any browser. The problem with doing this is that these are raster image formats and the display quality deteriorates when a text-based document such as a Word file is converted to an image. Conversion to an image format also strips out any ability to interact with the contents of the document easily.

Download this white paper below to learn more about the other 3 challenges.

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