Guest Column | June 5, 2013

Top 7 Most Overlooked Professional Services Automation (PSA) Features

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By Suzy Kratochvil, Director of Training and Education, Tigerpaw Software

The right tools and technology can be the difference when it comes to maintaining your competitive edge, positioning your business for growth, and doing more with less in today’s dynamic and always changing business environment. 

  1. Scalability to support your growth – When selecting resources and technology tools for your business, be sure that they are scalable and ready to support your future growth. Flexible solutions that can change as your business needs evolve without a lot of customization and allow you to add functionality to enable new processes are ideal for growing companies.
  2. Automated workflow notification - Who doesn’t want to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and improve customer response times? Creating process supporting workflow is the answer. Whether it’s creating a purchase order, monitoring SLAs, or an inventory item approaching critical levels, workflow notifies employees and triggers a specific set of events.
  3. Real-time dashboards and reporting - Reports and business intelligence play a huge role in the planning and organization of your business. Dashboards serve as a snapshot designed for quick reference and assessment and more detailed reports can help you track performance as well as other important data indicators. Whether its sales forecasts, outstanding service tickets, top customers, invoice profitability or overdue projects – you need the ability to see it all in real time to make smart business decisions.
  4. Ability to support remote employees – In today’s fast paced world, servicing clients remotely is crucial to your business. Remote access empowers your technicians to better manage service tickets and even provide quotes on-site for increased revenue. Connecting your business to the field allows you to win new business, improve service levels and capture more billable time so that you get paid faster.
  5. Contact and campaign management - Staying in regular communication with your customers and prospects is vital to staying relevant and competitive.  Whether you’re making a sales call, responding to a support request, sending an email – or anything in between, a comprehensive technology solution can help you be more responsive, more visible and more profitable.
  6. Integration with accounting platforms – Why automate your operations and then have to rekey your data for billing? Don’t forget that your PSA should have real-time integrations with leading accounting tools like Quickbooks and Peachtree or the ability to batch contacts, account receivables, payments, purchase orders and general ledger data for importing that data into other accounting tools.  
  7. Sales Forecasting - Is your sales forecast all in your head? You can’t grow the business if brainpower alone is your only weapon. You need sales dashboards and funnel reports make it easy to see where your money is coming from. With accurate forecasting reports and processes to close deals you take the guesswork out of your future.