White Paper | November 29, 2010

White Paper: Top Tips To Securing Your Business Reputation

Source: AVG Technologies USA, Inc.

I've been reading with interest the recent reports of how a Twitter scam has affected some well known politicians, issuing embarrassing tweets from their personal accounts. Whilst these headlines may seem amusing, it is worth considering the potential impact of this type of scam on your business reputation. Reputation is everything in the world of a small business, often taking years to establish. Being targeted by a similar scam can have a would let their customers know if they suffered a security breach, whilst almost half agreed that their customers are concerned about the IT security of their business.

Knowing that a supplier's IT infrastructure is not as secure as it should be would worry most people, particularly if they share critical business data with that supplier/company. Yet with so many more businesses using cost-effective social media tools to market their company, the threat of customers being sent inappropriate messages from your (or one of your employees) social media account is real and the potential impact on your reputation (by undermining your customer's trust in your ability to safeguard their data) is great.

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