From The Editor | August 6, 2013

Top Tweets From RetailNOW 2013 - Day #1

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson, associate editor, Business Solutions magazine
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Channel members at this year’s RSPA RetailNOW shared information, memorable quotes, and observations about the event on Twitter today. Here’s a sampling of some of the best.

@InsideRSPA: We have a lot to be excited about as RSPA members-it's going to be a great #RetailNOW & a great year! ~Mark Olson @APGCashDrawer @InsideRSPA

@InsideRSPA: Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it was. -Wayne Gretzsky #retailnow

@Jim_Roddy: Ted Clark from Toshiba just gave the most memorable keynote intro I've ever seen - an RSPA-inspired rap. For real. #RetailNow

@BreannaJBrown: Roy Spence: Curiosity does not kill the cat, it kills your competition #RetailNOW

@APGCashDrawer: Roy Spence: Purpose allows you to solve problems on a higher ground and make a difference in the world. Purpose trumps chaos. #RetailNOW

@RDSOKC: "Don't spend another second trying to be average at what you're bad at. Be great at what you're good at." Roy Spence, #RetailNOW

@Jim_Roddy: Looks like 500+ to me. "Perhaps the largest turnout ever for the @InsideRSPA general session." RSPA CEO Finizio #RetailNow

@DigitalSignGuy: "Dollars spent on mobile retail technologies up 39% in 2013..the landscape is evolving." ~Joe Finizio, @InsideRSPA President #RetailNOW 2013

@InsideRSPA: "The world is changing: ADAPT or EXIT the business." ~David Matthews, @WeRRestaurants @InsideRSPA #RetailNOW

@gregorywitten:"Purpose does not make decisions easier, it makes them clearer!" Roy Spence @ #RetailNow @InsideRSPA

@Jim_Roddy: RSPA presents first Barry Wise Memorial Scholarship. Great to see him honored for his service to our industry. #RetailNow

@cshergi: Well deserved! “@Jim_Roddy: I'm honored and humbled to be named @InsideRSPA Chairperson Elect. Thanks so much for your support! #RetailNow

@Jim_Roddy: Congrats to elected RSPA board members Bart Collins, Jim Stewart and David Gosman. #RetailNow @bsminfo @Golem5

@APGCashDrawer: Transitioning to a #SaaS model is not jumping off a cliff--it's a mind shift. Start small and set attainable goals. #RetailNOW #RNPanel

@ThePOSnews: #RetailNOW As I listen to audience questions I am reminded that there are still VARs without websites. Can they grasp SaaS?

@idbdallas: RetailNow is an invaluable source of information to help make the choices to grow and succeed as a Retail VAR in today's market.


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