Datasheet | November 18, 2009

Datasheet: Tradewind

Source: MICROS-Retail

Retail POS Software

Retailers require a stable, scalable POS solution and back office infrastructure capable of supporting aggressive growth strategies. An effectivepoint-of-sale solution on the front end can give you a competitive edge in a number of areas, including inventory ordering and tracking, customer personalization, and cash management, while maintaining exceptional customer satisfaction.

A Robust Enterprise Solution

MICROS-Retail Tradewind POS software offers retailers the power and resiliency to accommodate high volume sales strategies while maintaining connectivity to the entire enterprise. Tradewind's capabilities extend beyond the poin t of sale, encompassing the store's back office functions as well, including pricing, inventory management, store administration, labor management, shipping and receiving, customer portfolio/CRM, and reporting. MICROS-Retail Tradewind Retail POS helps you manage aggressive volume and large format stores with exceptional attention to customer satisfaction.

  • Maximize system up-time and stability
  • Empower store personnel with vital customer and operational information
  • Automate and streamline simple functions
  • Advance your communications infrastructure
  • Manage labor and inventory
  • Gather valuable customer information
  • PABP validated (in support of PCI Compliance)

Empowerment at the Register and in the Back Office
Tradewind offers full functionality at the register or on a mobile register device, while offering convenient management tools for inventory, labor management and scheduling, accessible from the manager's workstation or on the sales floor. Built with the needs of higher volume retailers in mind, the solution is flexible, scalable, and stable with many retailers relying on the functionality of the solution to run their POS operations.

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