Magazine Article | June 18, 2014

triPOS®: The Next Generation Of Simple And Secure Integrated Payments

By triPOS®

For years, software developers have relied on Element Payment Services, a Vantiv company, to ease PCI compliance pain with first-to-market, scope reducing payment processing technologies. Leveraging Element’s award-winning Express Processing Interface, triPOS® is the next generation of integrated payments. With a single, simple integration, software applications gain access to a comprehensive suite of hardware devices, transaction types, and connectivity to all authorization providers. triPOS® is the optimal solution for fully integrated, forward compatible, scope-eliminating transaction processing.

Building, maintaining, and annually validating PCI compliance is costly, resource-intensive, and burdensome. Element’s integrated payment solutions including the triPOS® payment application can solve PCI compliance headaches by removing the need for software applications to undergo PCI compliance validation. Likewise, triPOS® features point-to-point encryption (P2PE), which safeguards cardholder data while at the same time drastically reducing a merchant’s PCI compliance scope.

With triPOS®, integration to the Express Processing Interface has never been easier. For the first time, developers need ONLY complete a simple integration to support end-to-end integrated payments. Additionally, triPOS® removes the burden of certifying to complex protocols or payment platform gateways, which frees valuable development Subscribe to Business Solutions magazineresources. triPOS® also eliminates the need for developers to understand and certify to unique APIs to support multiple devices. The one-time integration enables a variety of POS devices that range from simple PIN Pads to multilane devices, providing customers a full complement of hardware options. Similarly, triPOS® eliminates the need to understand and develop to complicated and emerging transaction types such as EMV and NFC. “With the card brands’ implementation deadline for Chip & PIN support amongst processors beginning in April 2013 and the liability shift on non- Smartcard (EMV) transactions in the U.S. slated for October 2015, Element’s triPOS® will give ISVs a simple and quick-to-market EMV solution,” says Element’s President Sean Kramer.

Best of all for software developers, triPOS® promises a “future proof” payments integration. Any newly supported authorization platforms, transaction protocols, and POS devices become automatically available through the software application using triPOS® without any additional development work! Software providers can focus on adding feature rich functionality to software applications rather than maintaining a payments integration.

triPOS® is designed to help ISVs and resellers deliver the functionality customers demand. Featuring both customized and branded forms, triPOS® enables options such as couponing, signature pages, customer loyalty, and also provides set flows that allow for branding, scrolling receipts, and signature capture.

triPOS® is the optimal solution for ISVs and resellers looking to offer fully integrated, fully secure, out-of-scope, PCI compliant transaction processing. Contact Element to put triPOS® to work for your business and your customers!

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