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Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson, associate editor, Business Solutions magazine
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BharathTechData: @TechDataCloud kicks off its exclusive pre-event at #ChannelLink13 as the countdown begins to the start of the tech channel's premier event

Tech_Data: At #ChannelLink13, we offer our solution providers valuable growth & profit building opportunities, “Bringing You Together. Better.”

Tech_Data: General Session LIVE: Greg Banning, VP, SMB at @Tech_Data "It's all about engagement & enablement." #SMB #ChannelLink13

Tech_Data: General Session LIVE: John Solomon, @HP "Together we drive growth...Big changes = big opportunities." #ChannelLink13

Tech_Data: LIVE: WITC Luncheon: Paige Powers @Cisco "Volunteer for the impossible, drive change & have a plan." #ChannelLink13

benjamindavid: @stevewoz rollin' on a #segway in the middle of the #ChannelLink13 lobby?#awesome

Tech_Data: General Session LIVE: Ken Griffin @Tech_Data  "It's all about cloud & virtualization of everything." #ChannelLink13

Tech_Data: GS LIVE: Steve Wozniak "The mobile device is like an extra limb on your body." #ChannelLink13

Tech_Data: Steve Wozniak: "Even if I falter, I am going to get up and smile." #ChannelLink13

TylerBeaty: Listening to @stevewoz tell stories about Steve Jobs and the future of tech #ChannelLink13

Tech_Data: Steve Wozniak "We as human beings are designed & driven to create things." #ChannelLink13

coldcallcarrie: Just had the opportunity to speak with @IJasonAlexander here at #ChannelLink13 — he is better looking and far more charming than Costanza!

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