Tweets From VARTECH 2013

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson, associate editor, Business Solutions magazine
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VARTECH, the solution show for members of the data collection, digital signage, mobility, point of sale, RFID and security channels ends today in San Antonio, Texas. Here are a few insights into the event via Twitter.

@joe_easton3: Riverwalk, San Antonio #VTUSLA13

@monocello: New faces at BlueStar #VTUSLA13 Codezone. PioneerPOS exhibiting for first time. Just inked disty partnership a few days ago.

@monocello: Processing company JetPay got started in the channel at RetailNow last month. Now exhibiting at BlueStar's #VTUSLA13.

@monocello: BlueStar's #VTUSLA13 keynote kicks off now as Mark Fraker takes the stage first and promotes the new BlueStar app to keep partners engaged.

@gwickes: Always enjoyable to hear the humble honesty and fun of Steve Cuntz of @Think_BlueStar #VTUSLA13

@InsideRSPA: RT @monocello: Dr James Canton, futurist, author, business advisor takes the stage at #VTUSLA13 to talk change & the future. Perfect timing!

@gwickes: Prepare for deep change. Faster. Smarter. Disruption. via Dr James Canton #VTUSLA13

@gwickes: Change Management: Moving with Velocity to Adapt, Learn, and Empower #VTUSLA13

@gwickes: Change Management Keys: Clear Vision. Communicate Purpose. Action plan. Courage. Change yourself first #VTUSLA13 #vartech