Magazine Article | March 20, 2014

Unlimited Sales Opportunities With Maitre'D POS

By Michel Côté, President, Posera Software Inc./Maitre’D POS

Our feature-rich and highly customizable POS solutions translate into higher sales for VARs.

What differentiates Maitre’D POS Solutions?
Maitre’D POS offers one of the most feature-rich and customizable solutions for the hospitality industry. Our all-in-one solution includes tablet-based POS (or any other type of mobile device) and traditional POS Solutions, comprehensive back-office and reporting, a fully integrated kitchen display system, and enterprise solutions. Maitre’D also offers dozens of interfaces and integrations with 3rd party solutions, making it easy for you to connect your merchant’s current applications with Maitre’D POS and further extend the benefits of the system.

Maitre’D POS is highly specialized and customizable to meet the needs of any type of foodservice concept. So you have the ability to turn on only the features that your customer needs and wants, and offer a POS system that is fully tailored to their operations. Moreover, Maitre’D works on virtually ANY hardware and with any payment processor.

With over 15 years of experience, and more than 20,000 customers in 26 countries, Maitre’D is a proven solution for hospitality.

Why Partner with Maitre’D?
Maitre’D is looking to expand its worldwide channel partner network with VARs that have expertise in the foodservice industry, POS system implementation, and technical support services. We are looking for VARs who are truly interested in helping hospitality businesses make better technology decisions and providing sound consultation throughout their research and buying process. VARs that stay abreast of new technologies and trends, and seek opportunities to increase value-added services and recurring revenue are the most successful with Maitre’D.

VARs who partner with Maitre’D by Posera benefit from:Subscribe to Business Solutions magazine

  • Reliable POS system technology that is simple to install, upgrade, and maintain
  • Opportunities to increase recurring revenue streams
  • Ease of integration and interfacing with third party systems
  • First-rate opportunities to add value with professional services
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Custom modification services
  • Channel partner sales and implementation training and certification
  • Customized marketing campaigns and programs to support sales efforts

How does Maitre’D and Posera contribute to a VAR’s growth and success?
Our management team spends a lot of time and resources on industry research, participation in different industry committees and panels, developing relationships with strategic partners, and networking. All of these initiatives play a key role in staying competitive, planning product development, adding value for our customers, and identifying trends and opportunities for growth that can also extend to our reseller channel.

As we’ve all witnessed, there has been a lot of movement in the past 24 months in the POS industry: from the emergence of new POS companies and products, new distribution models — like subscription-based POS, free POS, and cloud-based POS — and the growing popularity of mobility, including POS, payments, ordering, and mobile apps. We closely monitor all of these trends and provide education to our reseller channel on how to better compete, and teach their customers how to cut through the noise and prove what is truly valuable to their businesses and bottom line. We do this by hosting meetings and reseller conferences, webinars, and providing written literature that can easily be shared across our channel network.

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