Case Study | August 12, 2010

Case Study: Var Delivers Competitive Advantage With Intel, Adaptec And Seagate

Source: Adaptec, Inc.

When a next-generation Internet TV platform company needed an effective virtual environment to speed application development, they turned to Area Data Systems, Inc. for expert IT consultation. Based on a thorough examination and understanding of their customer's development process, Area Data Systems formulated a server solution utilizing exceedingly reliable, high-performance, and cost-effective Intel, Adaptec, and Seagate components. The final delivery was a platform exceeding developer demands — a highly capable virtual server with performance equivalent to 100 desktop platforms.

Today, the mainstream acceptance of virtualization makes it easier than ever to move beyond physical development environments and achieve significant efficiency gains by consolidating using powerful next-generation servers. For these servers to meet the performance demands of virtualization, they require sufficient performance and I/O throughput headroom. New multi-core processors from Intel, high-performance RAID controllers from Adaptec and 15K-RPM drives from Seagate combine seamlessly in platforms able to accommodate the demands of virtualization.

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