Q&A | December 4, 2013

VAR Finds New Applications For Smart Printers

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

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Business Solutions interviewed Jon Cassell, VP of Business Development for SmartReceipt for the article “Smart VARs Leverage The Untapped Marketing Potential Of Paper Receipts.” In the article, Cassell tells how his company, which provides targeted messaging on receipts, provided so much benefit to a franchise location that the owner shared the idea with other franchisees and SmartReceipt’s business opportunities grew.

In addition to the company referenced in the article, Cassell commented on the variety of the company’s other customers across multiple verticals that use smart printers. “They can be used for any organization that sees value in moving beyond generic advertising and building a relevant brand that’s pertinent to a particular product or service,” says Cassell.

The SmartReceipt website includes a customer list and case studies. Applications include printing nutritional information on receipts at restaurants and at hospital or school cafeterias and printing coupons at the point of sale.

He adds that SmartReceipt usually uses Epson TM-T88 series printers. “Unlike older printers that were focused on the output of lines of text per minute, the Epson TM series printers were developed with graphics in mind, which makes them a much better fit for the SmartReceipt application,” Cassell explains.