Guest Column | April 3, 2014

9 Ways To Improve Your Sales: Convert More Traffic

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Gil Cargill

By Gil Cargill, Sales Acceleration Coach, Cargill Consulting Group, Inc.

In the last installment, I talked about ways in which you can increase the amount of traffic that you and your team work with. Please recall that I define traffic as individuals who come to your website seeking information and/or a solution. Traffic can also be defined as people that attend your webinars, lunch-and-learns, tradeshow booths, et cetera. In other words, anyone and everyone who is even remotely qualified to do business with you are considered “traffic.”

Obviously, everyone should not be treated like a qualified prospect. This chapter deals with strategies and tactics that help you convert traffic into leads. Overall, the formula is pretty easy to understand. If you have little or no traffic, you’ll have very few (if any) leads. Conversely, when you do have a large amount of traffic (which you will by following last week’s suggestions), you must convert that traffic into leads.

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