Newsletter | October 21, 2013

10.21.13 -- Ways Your Retail Clients Can Use IP Video -- Beyond Security

Business Solutions
Overcome The Challenge Of Security For Retail
By Bernadette Wilson, associate editor
As a VAR selling security solutions, you realize each vertical market has its own unique security needs. In his presentation this year at the Retail Solutions Providers Association’s RetailNOW 2013 conference, Hedgie Bartol of Axis Communications explained why security for retail locations is different from other types of establishments.
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The Pivot3 vSTAC Watch Edge R2 is designed for distributed sites requiring, high-performance shared storage with virtual servers. It individually handles up to 4-8 TB of RAID storage. Up to four vSTAC Edge R2s can be configured to deliver 32 TB of a highly available iSCSI SAN and four virtual servers. Ideal for distributed environments typically found in retail, financial, educational, and corporate markets, the appliance is designed for customers who manage surveillance and storage locally.


Retransfer Technology Delivers The Optimal Card Printing Solution
A wide range of industries today are realizing the significant benefits that personalized access control, financial, retail, and smart cards can bring to their enterprises. The rapid expansion of on-demand issuance of cards for identification, tracking, and monetary applications calls for an innovative card-printing solution. Learn more.

Secure The Campus While Providing Essential Services With Smart ID Cards
From universities to primary schools, a revolution in technology is taking shape. The days when mundane tasks such as registration, book purchases, and meal programs required an army of administrators to manage piles of paperwork is but a digital page in today’s history e-books. Twenty-first-century innovation is bringing automation — and a chance to improve security — to the campus. Learn more.

Ride The Burgeoning IP Video Market
Just six years in business, AISG projects $27 million in revenue this year — and IP-based security solutions are all it sells. Full article.

Ways Your Retail Clients Can Use IP Video — Beyond Security
Jackie Andersen of Axis Communications tells how your retail clients use IP video and analytics for benefits other than security — as well as listing some growing trends and new directions. Full article.

Four Reasons Why Selling Physical Security Makes Sense
Many traditional resellers might be overlooking the growing opportunities surrounding physical security and IP surveillance. Tom Burns, director of physical security for Ingram Micro, says they can add a profitable new dimension to their businesses if they take a deeper look at the new realities shaping the market. He lists four ways security technology is driving ROI for the channel. Full article.

Featured Product
ACTi KCM3911 360-Degree IP Camera ACTi KCM3911 360-Degree IP Camera
One of the cameras we wanted to test came from ACTi. To test its KCM3911, we used Wavestore VMS as our software platform due to the software’s ability to de-warp 360-degree camera video. Following are the results of our tests. Read more.
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