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The Mobile Payment Battle: QR Vs. NFC
By Jay Rivera, senior director, Solution Innovation, Merchant Warehouse
This article by Jay Rivera, senior director of Solution Innovation at Merchant Warehouse, discusses the battle being waged between QR and NFC for the mobile wallet. Jay compares this to the battle that took place between Sony and JVC in the 1970’s with the Betamax and VHS standards.
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If You’re An MSP, You Can Sell IP Video Surveillance Too
By Mike Monocello, chief editor
Today I spoke with a managed services provider who was looking a few years ago to expand his line card. After examining all the opportunities out there, he settled on adding IP video surveillance solutions. Today, some three years later, IP video makes up 25% of the MSP’s revenue, and he’s experiencing a 50% increase in profits (35% coming from IP video).
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RSA® Conference 2013
Feb. 25 to March 1
San Francisco, CA

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Don’t Let This Delay Your Transition To Managed Services
By Jay McCall, networking and managed services editor
One of the most common themes I see in the channel centers around a VAR’s decision to become a managed services provider (MSP). So many see the value in it, but less than half actually take action to make that transition.
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Cloud-Based POS: Navigating The Sea Of Misinformation
By Business Solutions magazine
Cloud computing is a hot topic. In the retail and restaurant space, the term is often misused and misunderstood. Some resellers are resistant to cloud-based POS due to a lack of knowledge and experience.
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Retail Printing: Trends & Tips For VARs, ISVs
By Business Solutions magazine
So much is changing in the world of retail, creating new opportunities and threats for VARs and software developers who operate in this vertical. One of the biggest trends driving much innovation is mobility.
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NRF 2013 Reveals Products That Smart VARs Will Be Eager To Sell
By Mike Monocello, chief editor
I just returned to the office after a few days in NYC for the NRF Big Show, the retail industry’s largest show of the year. There were two aspects of this show that I was particularly interested in. From a product perspective, I saw some things that were not only cool, but could have a real impact on your customers.
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Mobile Wallets And NFC: A Solution To A Very Real Problem
By Tony Abruzzio, business development executive, Isis
Whether clipping coupons, scanning sale signs, or keeping track of emailed offers — shopping today requires navigating a loud and cluttered space. This poses real challenges for both merchants and consumers.
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How Will AIDC Consolidation Affect Your Business In 2013?
By Mike Monocello, chief editor

I remember sitting on a shuttle about four years ago during a distributor partner conference, talking about the industry with the person sitting next to me. “Intermec will be sold within a year,” he told me, hinting at trouble at the Everett, WA-based company.
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Executive Commentary

MY Social Network Is YOUR Showroom
By David Gosman, CEO, pcAmerica

Target® did something really cool for this holiday season. Well, cool from a retail-geek perspective. Like several of their fellow retailers, Target has been experimenting with several different options to fend against ‘show-rooming.’
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Executive Commentary

Digital Signage Solutions May Signal New Revenue
By Kelly Ricker, SVP Education & Events, CompTIA

Successful business owners are constantly assessing and reassessing their business. What are we doing right? What can we do better? How can we grow? It’s this continual evaluation of their business that keeps them on the cutting edge and in position to win new clients.
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Executive Commentary

Four Guiding Principles For Advancing Managed Print Services
By Ken Neal, director of corporate communications, Canon Business Process Services

In an ever-increasing need to drive profit, most companies are consistently on the hunt for new ways to do more with less — or simply put, cut costs.
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