Guest Column | February 21, 2014

What Do You Know About Team Collaboration SaaS Apps?

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Team Collaboration SaaS Apps

What’s new and what’s next for cloud-based workplace collaboration apps

This is the third article in our ongoing series on cloud app solutions with our partners at SaaSMAX.  

As the number of remote employees grows, so do the number of tools they use to virtually “enter” their offices every day. Workplaces, teams, and projects are all changing the ways in which they work to be able to get the job done.

We interviewed CEOs of three workplace collaboration apps – Martin Frid-Nielsen of file storage app Soonr,  Ian Warner of board management portal APRIO and Mike Bell of strategic plan manager Envisio - to see where they stand on the industry. Here’s what they told us about how their services work today, and what they see as the next phase of cloud-based collaboration.

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