Guest Column | September 20, 2012

What Is Genius?

Dan Dufault

By Dan Dufault, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Merchant Warehouse

A sea of change is on the horizon in the payments industry. Daily introductions of new payment solutions and value-added offerings are creating a constant, building cadence of entries that are flooding the industry. The deluge of new providers coupled with increasing demands from consumers for value-add offerings including mobile payment choice, loyalty and reward, and discount programs is leading to disruption and confusion in the industry. How do merchants manage such a complex environment? They don’t, Genius™ does. 

Genius is the first solution that aggregates and integrates any transaction method, payment type or value-added customer program. Cash, credit, near-field communication (NFC), EMV, QR codes, signature capture, loyalty and reward, mobile gift, couponing, mobile wallets and more – Genius does it all. 

With Genius merchants are alleviated from the headaches and pain of integrations, negotiations, and hardware exchanges. A cloud-based solution, merchants receive seamless updates to their Customer Engagement Device™ (CED) either directly or via their point-of-sale (POS) system. Through the Genius Solutions Center, merchants select the payment types, mobile wallets and customer programs they want to offer. Genius is completely scalable, addressing the confusion of today and insulating merchants from future uncertainty.