Video | May 18, 2009

What Sales Pitches And Markets Are Successful VARs Using In This Down Economy?

Joe Sandoval, director – Americas distribution sales for Printronix, sits down with Business Solutions magazine President Jim Roddy for an exclusive interview at the 2009 SYNNEX Spring Training Sales Conference in Toronto.

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Excerpts from an exclusive interview with Joe Sandoval, director – Americas distribution sales for Printronix, and Jim Roddy, president of Business Solutions, from the 2009 SYNNEX Spring Training Sales Conference in Toronto

BSM: People (customers) are going to talk about ROI. They’re going to want to talk about how do I get a return on the investment, save money, cut expenses. Is that one of the things to talk about?

Sandoval: Absolutely. In fact, it’s essential that you be able to go to a customer and, first of all, understand his needs, understand his requirements and be able to present something that’s going to be able to save him money. And think about saving money. Saving money is saving time or saving labor – something that’s going to make his life easier to do.

This is kind of an old saw that’s been around: in these times, customers buy painkillers, not vitamins. And they are not going to waste their time with feel-good meetings with you. They want to talk about what’s going to fix my business. Even with companies that are in tough industries, what’s going to stanch the bleeding? If they’re in that situation, you have a message that’s going to be listened to. Even in good times, companies are simply not going to spend money without getting value.

If you’ve got a good message – just a month ago, we had a very good sale to a car company, a car manufacturer. Supposedly the word on the street is they’re not buying anything. They have no money. But they do for value.

This is only a portion of this exclusive interview. For the complete podcast, go to the media player at the top of this page.

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