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WHIPTAIL Introduces Accela And Invicta, Changes Speed Of The Storage Industry

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Family of High Performance NAND Flash Silicon Storage Products is Faster, More Scalable Than Anything on Market Today

WHIPPANY, NJ – WHIPTAIL, the world leader in high performance 100% solid state storage arrays, today publicly launched INVICTA, the world’s first scale-out, modular, enterprise-class solid state storage platform, as well as ACCELA, the next generation of the world’s most widely deployed all flash storage array.  INVICTA and ACCELA are available now through WHIPTAIL as well as over 100 partners worldwide.

WHIPTAIL’s new family of products comes to market at a time when all companies are struggling with the ramifications of moving data fast enough in virtualized environments, Big Data applications, and continued pressure to make rapid decisions. Technology that can increase performance in these arenas is in strong demand.  WHIPTAIL’s second-generation family of products, ACCELA and INVICTA, provide the speed, reliability and scalability required by today’s and tomorrow’s enterprise infrastructure.  

“Incredibly fast is what flash is all about – and no one knows flash better than us,” said Dan Crain, CEO, WHIPTAIL. “Our new family of products are market-changing – both for us, and for the companies that use them. Imagine running financial reports or pulling research data in minutes instead of hours…letting business reclaim time, that’s what our new products do.”

INVICTA:  Radically Different, Scale-Out, Multi Role, Multi Tenant, Multi Protocol

WHIPTAIL’s INVICTA is the first true enterprise-class, scale-out, highly available, modular and multi protocol 100% NAND flash storage array ever constructed. With INVICTA, WHIPTAIL is delivering the next generation silicon storage array that provides highly scalable IOPS, extreme bandwidth, and ultra low latency at groundbreaking price/performance when compared to performance optimized HDD solutions.  It delivers the highest sustained WRITE throughput in the industry, which is critical for high velocity Big Data. Supporting all standard storage networking and file protocols, it introduces many new enterprise features, as well as unprecedented investment protection:

  • Up to 72 TB of NAND Flash capacity
  • Sustained bandwidth beyond 6 GB/s
  • Sustained IOPS beyond 600,000
  • Nearly undetectable latency, in a multi tenant, multi protocol environment
  • Scale out modular design allows capacity and performance to be added with ease
  • Complete backward compatibility with all previous WHIPTAIL systems
  • Highly available Silicon Storage Router ™ manages host connectivity and data protection
  • Multi-protocol flexibility, supporting FC, iSCSI, FCoE, IB SRP and NFS
  • New high availability options, including low latency protected write cache
  • Asynchronous replication and Snapshots
  • Industry leading NFS performance
  • Complete management from within VMWare vCenter and full support for VAAI
  • 1400 watts in 14 rack units, lowering energy use by 90 percent, compared to legacy HDD

ACCELA – Delivering New Features

ACCELA, a technology update to the company’s pioneering and best selling XLR8R, revolutionizes the performance of databases, virtualized infrastructure and applications.

Supporting all standard storage networking and file protocols, ACCELA’s key features include RAID protection, hot spares, and asynchronous replication, and has options such as protected write buffers and complete VMWare vCenter management, including the industry’s first complete implementation of native VAAI.  And, by leveraging the INVICTA ready option, the product offers total investment protection and is designed to be easily merged into WHIPTAIL’s INVICTA modular scale out storage array.

“What I like most about WHIPTAIL’s family of products is the scalability and investment protection it offers. A customer can support their current needs with a stand-alone ACCELA system, and then later as they get off the ground with a virtualization or cloud deployment they can scale to INVICTA to meet their growing performance needs,” said Henry Baltazar, storage and systems, 451 Research Group. “While each system is designed to meet specific customer needs, they also work together perfectly and pack a mean punch to overall application performance.”

RACERUNNER Features and Updates

Both ACCELA and INVICTA are powered by RACERUNNER, WHIPTAIL’s industry leading software architecture, leveraging advanced techniques to optimize high throughput around NAND flash for all block and file protocols.

  • Connectivity – Fibre Channel, FCoE, Infiniband SRP, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS
  • Protection – Enhanced NAND optimized parity RAID, LUN mirroring
  • Performance – LUN striping, Snapshots
  • Replication – synchronous and asynchronous

Product Support

WHIPTAIL’s family of products is Citrix and VMware certified.  WHIPTAIL provides global 24/7 world-class service and support for its customers, with four-hour response time and pre-positioned spares in most parts of the world.

Where to See INVICTA

The WHIPTAIL team will be demonstrating the power of INVICTA at the Synergy show in San Francisco from May 8-10 at booth #409. Media should contact Micaela Whalen at (312) 961-3225 to set up an appointment or stop by the booth for an INVICTA demonstration.

WHIPTAIL commercialized the first NAND Flash Silicon Storage Array (SSA), which dramatically improves application performance while consuming less energy than legacy storage arrays. Installed worldwide, WHIPTAIL’s systems enable databases, virtualized and online environments to process more data in significantly less time. WHIPTAIL’s customers experience substantial operational improvements because data processing time shrinks from days to hours or hours to minutes. Move your data at the speed of life at

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