White Paper | June 30, 2012

White Paper: 5 Keys To Selecting A Viewer For Enterprise Content Management

Source: Accusoft

This whitepaper discusses the importance of viewing in an enterprise content management solution and focuses on 5 keys for selecting the viewer that meets your document management requirements. There are significant challenges in dealing with digital, confidential or sensitive content in a collaborative environment, and an effective viewing solution should address the following 5 key aspects.

File Format Support

A typical use case in an enterprise workflow involves several different types of documents being received, reviewed, and shared. Dealing with these multiple file formats can be a challenge. The number of documents can be sizable, and generally range from static image formats (TIFF and JPEG), which were the standards in the past, to the native formats, which have been gaining popularity since the last decade. A benefit of native format review includes the availability of metadata or “raw data”, which can be attached to an electronic document and reviewed to create an audit trail. Some of the most common data types are email, instant messaging chats, documents, accounting databases, CAD/CAM files, and web site content. One cost-effective strategy for corporations with an Enterprise Content Management system to deal with multiple file formats is to select a multi-tasking viewer; one that can be used as a daily document access tool for staff, is integrated with a document repository, and can function as a native format viewer, allowing customers to reduce or avoid the costs inherent in licensing software from companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Autodesk separately.

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Access Content White Paper: 5 Keys To Selecting A Viewer For Enterprise Content Management
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