White Paper | June 30, 2012

White Paper: The Benefits Of A Zero-Footprint Viewer

Source: Accusoft


Over the past decade, several methods of viewing have come into use – ActiveX, Java applets, client-server, thin client etc. But recently the buzz has been about zero footprint viewing. What does zero footprint viewing mean, and how different is it from other viewing methods? What does it require? This whitepaper discusses some of the benefits of using zero footprint viewing over dated technologies and how to make your application ready for these zero footprint clients.

The Need for a Zero Footprint Viewer

The Web has changed how people consume, share, discover and connect with content. Users are uploading content into web based systems, whether it’s an enterprise content management system (ECM), customer relationship management system (CRM) or any other file system. They want to seamlessly access and share this content with others, without the device, hardware, and software limitations of traditional desktop systems. Viewers based on ActiveX or Java applets served these users well, when everyone was accessing this content over their Windows and Macintosh PCs. However, with the introduction of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, content must now be made available to all of these devices in a consistent interface. Older viewers lack the innovation, speed, and technology to make this happen. A zero footprint viewer truly addresses these needs using client-server visualization architecture and utilizes the standard browsers, plug-ins and built-in hardware virtualization to enable viewing in real-time.

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